Kamala's back from the hospital. His book is being printed now and we will have it in hand by the start of the new year.

Kamala’s back from the hospital. His book is being printed now and we will have it in hand by the start of the new year.

KAMALA’S HEALTH – Kamala was rushed to the hospital around the original estimated print time (November 2014.) This unfortunately slowed down the process of his “Kamala Speaks” book fundraiser. After about a month with Peritonitis, a serious life-threatening stomach infection, Kamala made it home. He was able to have Thanksgiving with Koko B. Ware who brought a great turkey to Kamala’s bedside, proving that he really is a great friend – and also a “Bird Man.”

BOOK FUNDRAISER TIMING – In better heatlh, Kamala finished the project and gave the green light to print the book. In late December, we sent the final draft to our printers in Michigan and the project should be printed by the third week in January!

HOLIDAY GIFT-GIVERS – You were all super patient and realized that this project was to help Kamala by the creation of a cool reward, and not just a product to buy. For this I thank you, again. Tons of emails came in expressing “health first,” when we announced his hospitalization, showing that you really are a great group of people. Here is a certificate you can wrap, if you were hoping to give the book as a gift.

In our next update here, I will post a certificate that can wrapped right away in case the book doesn’t make it to you by the 25th. It will be essentially a picture of Kamala you can print – telling the receiver that the gift of the book will be in hand in a week or so.

BOOK PREORDERS – Pre-orders for additional books can be now made at

BLEACHER REPORT & GOFUNDME DONATION ACCOUNT – Our friend Jason King at the BleacherReport did an awesome job promoting the book fundraiser by interviewing Kamala just before he went back into the hospital. Because the Kickstarter had already finished, he attached a Kamala gofundme donation account that people could give to – to further help Kamala.

The Bleacher Report Kamala interview (and the additional cash fundraiser) made it to the front page of CNN! It hit a whole different mainstream demographic and is now pushing $30,000. What great news for Kamala, who can now get a new ramp for his house, make his bathroom door larger and also fix the transmission on his truck. Super job Jason!



  • Ken Berhenke

    I don’t know if Kamala will read this or not. I hope he does. So if he does get to read this here we go:

    Dear Kamala,
    First off I want to thank you for scaring me as a child. I mean I was terrified to the point of nightmares and wetting my bed. As I got older I laugh that I was that sacred. As I myself really got into wrestling, about one to two hundred spectators, I appreciated all the hard work you put into your character. Nowadays at the ripe old age of thirty, I have been forced to retire from in ring work do to a genetic disease. However I am attempting to start my own independent wrestling company, so that leads me to two questions. My first question is, how retired are you, are you willing to do backstage work? And my next question, what advice can you offer to me for starting up my company?

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